I always think of not posting a weekly diary since I always feel that I haven’t done anything interesting. And of course it has everything to do with my thesis. This week is extra exciting for me, because fina-ly my thesis is somewhere under the second assessor’s nose and fina-ly I can tell people that they can ask about any updates regarding the thesis. I did keep everyone far from every thesis thingy, because it’s just annoying to hear the same question from different people over and over again: “How’s your thesis?” Especially people that always seem to do it all perfectly and probably never heard of the word: DELAY. But now I want to share, I only now feel that it is ready Well and I you don’t hear from me next week, you know what time it is positive thinking Evey, positive thinking!


Okay, but this week in brief: One of the last days before submitting the master thesis I made some lonely shots of my workplace and the coffeshop where I worked very hard this summer – with fellow studentfriend- while enjoying icecoffee’s . Really enjoying the summer, I could not (as Yoda would have said it). I am therefore very pleased that this week’s weather in Holland is very pleasant and I did occasionally work in the hospital, did some gardening, DIY at home, longboarding against nightfall and of course trying to find an adult job. And then I have good news because I’m going to New York Fucking CITY in January (with my bday – a dream comin ‘true). It’s been a month already since I booked it, but I still wanted to keep it a secret do not ask me why.. Then you can follow me in life after graduation, what’s next? For the photos, move your mouse over the picture for the description. Enjoy babes!