One last shoot with crazy camera buddy Xandra. What a joke to find a good shoot location. After a nice shoot, photographing Xandra, I wanted something else to pose myself. Cliche shoots with hands in the hair, a boat and nonchy looks (hands in the hair) I eventually had more photos with weird faces than normal poses. Fortunately 4 pretty normal outfit pictures were the result – thanks to the enormous patience of Xann -. My second pinstripes skirt, Rock Dinosaur Tshirt (ode to the nineties), my favorite new vest and All stars are a golden combination. Oh well and the golden tattoo stickers are also a must this summer! I’m gonna miss Xan!

Secondhand skirt / Forever 21 dino shirt / H&M Vest /All stars Converse / Gouden tattoo’s / Ray Ban Justin sunglasses