This week …

… did I finally get my hands on this great Starbucks singlet thanks sis!
… dissapeared my Bavaria dress from the European Championship into my closet, what a shame of the dress
… i felt enormously thin because I went to the fym
… was I very busy with my final assignment (ever?) for University
… was I a bit dissapointed that I didn’t go to the longboardtog in The Hague, it was beautiful weather! *cry
… couldn’t anybody reach me on my work cell phone, because of a forwarding number to the old owner #que?
… did I listen to Birdie on repeat
… my boyfriend and I decided just to go to Paris this summer
… does that just sounds a bit spoiled brat-ish
… did I score a Domonation goodie, who? Never Mind
… did I start to play World of Warcraft again, yeah a lil bit of a gamerchick ^^
… was I dissapointedly on the go with the 30 days challenge, sorry abi! ;-)
… did I became very happy of my new followers!
… and even more happier with the new discovered blogs to read, Jeej!

Thanks for reading gals!