This post is about the Things I love. Last (9)Things I love  wasn’t that succesfull, because I received zero comments… but I ain’t giving up and give you another one. I think the previous one was just unreadable (at least that is what I tell myself :-)).

Hope you enjoy this one!

1. Anna Del Russo vs H&M

I love the preview of the Anna Del Russo for H&M collection. This preview is older than one week, but I’m still loving it! The blue-ish clutch is my favorite! We have to wait a while though, the collection will be launched in October this year.

2. Essence Fragrance

The Essence Fragrance collection that will be launched in June (Netherlands). Like a new LOVE is my favorite at the moment (based on the package, because I haven’t smelled it yet!)

3. American Apparel Neon nailpolish

I guess we’ve all fallen in love with neon colours lately. I was told that the blogger behind 5 inch and up is wearing these neon coloured nailpolish from American Apparel. So that’s a musthave for me lately. Sadly I wasn’t able to visite the store in Brussels last weekend!

4. Glowing “glass”

I found this Do it yourself (DIY) tutorial on the blog Honestly WTF and I can’t wait to try it! But I always seem to ruin DIY’s, so I’m a bit scared though, lol. You can find the DIY here.

5. H&M Fall Collection

A preview of the H&M Fall collection. I love the heels with the cap.  The whole picture might look a bit cold to me, if you know how harsh the Dutch Fall can be…

6. Hermes Photocamera

Hermes is launching a special camera in cooperation with Leica. The Leica M9-P will be too expensieve (around 18.000 pounds) but I’m liking what I see!

7. Sephora Make-up kit

Sephora is launching a make-up kit with 24 different eyeshadows, 12 colours lipglosses and 6 colours blush. When you open the kit, you will find different colours in each drawer!

P/the world wide web, Essence, American Apparel, Honestly WTF

What was your favorite Fashion or Beauty News this week?