This week…

…I finally bought a haircuff, i kept on staring at the armcuffs because I didn’t know how this one looked like >_< fashionfail

…I bought my very first Vogue, but a bottle of water leaked in my bag

…I felt enormous because I only went to the gym one

…attended my last lecture (ever?)

…I decided to be made of sugar and skip the Dutch longboardtog because of the rain

…I got my first working phone, no touchscreen, physical buttons (how does that work again?)

…didn’t the people at Zara know which yellow shoes I meant to buy “do we sell those?” #fail?

…I ordered the yellow shoes, back on stock, at the webshop, clothing makes every girl happy!

…I gave a new dimension to Style Spy

…did I discover a new website, soon to be shared

…Was I dissapointedly bad at the 30 days challenge, sorry guys!

…made all the new followers this week, me very happy!

Thanks for reading gals!


P.s. new followers are a bloggers best friend ^^