One of my good thoughts for the new year is empowering people to do good. This thought is a marketingtrend which I found during my research. It means that more people want to do business with other companies and support initiatives that ating responsible. Biologic foodies, animalfriendly make-up and other environment friendly products: using them and convince other to do good is hot if you ask me!

Fair Minds

I start with my good thoughts this year by being creative and green. Fair Minds send me the Design Your Own papercraft kit with the assignment to make something creative! Well, I was always jealous at other bloggers who were eager with masking tape. And now I can try it as well! The kit has 12 pieces with an own story and one masking tape. The 12 pieces exist of old landmaps, lucky paper from Vietnam and many other special and honest paper! Every kit has it’s own unique papers!

I’ma start this week en will show you the result unless I screw up.  But first I must acclimatise from my holiday at the slopes last week!

Want to know more? Check Dutch text only unfortunately. The package costs €11,95 and you can but it as an addition of give it to someone as a very original present!