Roxy surfergirls Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne Wickey must know the best spots when it comes to surfing. As a Roxy girl and professional surfer, you’re always on the road and lucky to see the the best (surf)spots in the world (must be a hell of a job!).

In the above video, Kelia and Monyca talk about their top 5 best surfspots. You should really check it out. It lasts only 3,5 minute and they tell us why they’re diggin’ these beaches. We can use some sun around here in Holland! What’s your favourite surfspot?

Their top 5:

  • Waikiki Hawaii
  • Hamoa Beach Maui Hawaii
  • Mentawai Indonesia
  • Lower Trestels California USA
  • Salina Cruz Oaxaca Mexico