In 2007 I’ve been on the road for half an year, backpacking through South East Asia, Australia and Hong Kong. I’ve met so many awesome people, seen beautiful places, experienced cultures and enjoyed the (exotic) local food. As you might have guessed my roots are Asian and although I’ve been raised in the Dutch culture, I love Asia, oh I love it so much!

One place in Asia has a special place in my heart: Luang Prabang. It’s such an ydillic village, the people are friendly, the atmosphere is great and the nature is extremely beautiful. I really would like to go back but I’m afraid it won’t be as great as in my memories, because I was there with certain co-backpackers, friends and at that time or moment. What do you think of going back to one place that is special to you? Are you afraid it will dissapoint you?

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Kuang Si Falls

We went cycling to a big hill

This was on top of that hill

The scenery from one of the village hills

The naturepark

Even though the scenery is awesome, people live like this, but they seem happy

You can take a 2 day boat from Thailand to Laos.

Where to find Luang Prabang?

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