I find a travel journal or travel diary itself a must when I am traveling. When I -long ago = travelled through Asia and Oceania, I even had 3 books! Smartphones did then not ‘existed’ as we know them today. And you didn’t have wifi hotspots back then. And yet I would not want to depend  the future of my notes, reminders and ideas on electronic devices. I used my PDA, which I carried with me back, as a calendar. Just a few weeks of travelling later, that thing crashed – painful.

That’s why I keep everything in notebooks nowadays. And yes, those can get lost and may break. And yes, you can simply synchronize your smartphone with your computer. Well I’m myself a little frightened, since my wordpress blog got hacked in Thailand. So I think it is important that a travel book lasts a long time and that I can glue used tickets: I can not live without. Todays new treasure is  a pocket Moleskine travel book, useful for when you want to take a small book with you.

Below is a selection of my previous travel books collection.


‘I never travel without my notebook. One always needs sensational exciting to read on the train.’

Oscar Wilde

My upgrade: The Moleskine edition

My Moleskine Pocket Book: The Travel Edition is an upgrade compared to my customized Spongebob version;-). It is perfect if you are looking for a small notebook that is unkillable becasue of the leather cover and equipped with handy tabs and an elastic band (to that one page where the phone number of that cute Canadian is not to be forgotten). Only downside is that you can’t, just like me, glue your dollars in it, but I believe that the intention is to spend this?

The price of the Moleskine Travel Info Book Pocket is € 11.90, which might be expensive for most budget travelers, but you can be sure of an almost undestroyable book. The tabs with food, people etc. are handy so you can write down that beautiful surf spot, remember food spots or  whatever you want to write down!

This Moleskine is for sale through the Moleskine website. Check my photos below.

Do you like to write down your (travel) notes? And do you prefer digital or printed notes?