I love Vans. And I love love love the new Vans Liberty London collaboration. Together they have created this awesome capsule collection “Built from iconic materials of the Liberty tradition”. This new capsule collection is showcasing on the two famous Vans models: The Era and the Authentics, also the most famous models of Vans.

Vans are so multifunctional, they’re like Allstars (fits with almost every piece) and that’s why we should all own a pair of those handys (printed or one coloured). Want something more crazier? Then this collection with the typical Liberty Paisley print might be your fit! What do you think, like or mwah? 

My favourites are the ones on picture 1 and 5 :D

[lightbox link=”http://cdn3.coresites.mpora.com/cooler_new/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Screen-Shot-2013-07-10-at-20.49.34.png”]vans x liberty[/lightbox]

[lightbox link=”http://www.vans.com/microsites/classics/liberty/2.jpg”][/lightbox]

[lightbox link=”http://www.vans.com/microsites/classics/liberty/1.jpg”][/lightbox]

[lightbox link=”http://www.vans.com/microsites/classics/liberty/3.jpg”][/lightbox]

[lightbox link=”http://www.vans.com/microsites/classics/liberty/4.jpg”][/lightbox]

[lightbox link=”http://www.vans.com/microsites/classics/liberty/6.jpg”][/lightbox]

Images: 1, 2-7

Psst, you can win a pair of these until juli the 24th at the Blog: afterdrk, check it ouhout!