I always had a thing for roller skates. You used to find me on those wheels every day. Now you’ll find me on skates or my longboard, but boy, if I could get my hand one one of those vintage roller skates… 

A few years ago I did spy a cute pair of girly pink rollerskates in Istanbul -of all places-. They were absolutely perfect! But I left them in the shop, wanting to buy them later that week which I forgot. They never left my mind and I’m obsessed again when I spotted the below beauties on Topshop.com helloo minty beauties! They’re not cheap, £210, but then you do have a pair of teal, pink or purple coloured rollerskates. Wasn’t it my birthday last saturday? 

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Where to buy?

Moxi Zebra Outdoor Skates – Moxi Outdoor Roller Skates – Moxi Zoo
Riedell Roller Moxi Ivy (Pink Leopard, 8 Medium)
Moxi Leopard Outdoor Skates – Moxi Outdoor Roller Skates – Moxi Jungle