Coconut water is superhydrating and therefore ideal for us adventurers and sports chicks. With coconut water you may think of white milk. But coconut water is transparent and it is the juice of a young green coconut. The younger the nut, the more coconut water. The water of the coconut hydrates five times more than ‘normal’ water because it has kalium in it. It affects your mental performance and helps lose weight, improve skin and improve cellulite. Sounds good huh!

For this blog post, I was asked to use as an ingredient for a delicious Vita Coco shake. Vita Coco Vita Coco consists of different flavors:

Pure, with pineapple (favorite!), peach & mango, passion fruit, acai & pomegranate and orange.

Personally, I have to get used to the taste of pure coconut water, but it is certainly not dirty. My favorite flavor is the coconutwater with orange juice. And as for the pure, a homemade shake with coconutwater instead of normal water is the hydrating solution!

Spinach apple shake

Quarter apple peeled
3/4 pack of Vita Coco Pure
1.5 small handful of spinach (a lot of kalium and fiber)
Blend it! And you have your vegetables and fruit smoothie

Melon / coconut shake / shake apple

Half apple peeled
Half a pack Vita Coco pineapple
3 small moons melon (lots of vitamin C)
Blend it!

And you have a delicious green fruit & vegetables shake!

Leftovers can be eaten! Like melon and ham as a tapas ingredient (Jam!)

Boxes of 330ml Pure coconut water & the flavors costs between € 1.69 and € 2.20