You’ve probably seen it on my social media and if you are a new reader; Style Spy is now Lone Drifters! It’s now a travel magazine/blog focused on sports and travel. The name Style Spy didn’t seem to fit anymore for a web site about travel, so I migrated to Quite a scary choice, but it also feels good.

The new website Lone Drifters will be about sports and travel, just as Style Spy, but under a different name and with a slightly different approach. Of course you’ll follow how Lone Drifters travels around the world, but did you know that we have more writers now? Check out all of our writers at about us.

World trip update # 3

We start to really count down to that trip around the world! A little more than 4 months and Lone Drifters will travel around the world! Together with my boyfriend and our longboards we’ll drift to places to shred, surf and bike – for the interested amongst us: with A Rayne Dark side and a Originals arbiter. We’ll be looking for the most beautiful places to (down-hill) longboarding, shred, and cycle (hence surf, shred, bike & travel ;-))

Hawaii here we come!

After the ticket to Los Angeles, we have a third ticket: on 25 July 2017 we fly from San Francisco to O’ahu Hawaii. Dreams come true, if only you save hard;-). Oh what was it hard.

But I knew, of course, for a long time that Hawaii had to be part of the second world trip, so the wait will soon be rewarded! It is not yet clear what exactly we are going to do in Hawaii. But I can tell you that we have a few nights booked in a large 2 bedroom  apartment from AirBnB in Kauai; Close to the jungle. I’m super excited! The exact location will be shared later ofcourse:)

New Zealand!

And after 5 weeks in Hawaii I’ll probably cry when leaving.  But fortunately we’ll fly to New Zealand; 10 years after my first ‘ world’trip in 2007, where I had to rebook my ticket to New Zealand towards home, because I was out of money #successtory.

Hawaii and New Zealand are on my bucketlist for such a long time, so I cannot wait to enjoy the road trip of my life!.

Finally: the costs so far

And as always the moneys spent on travel expenses

Ticket San Francisco to Hawaii: 300.5 € p.p.

Ticket from Honolulu to Christchurch: 159.14 € p.p.
Ford Focus VS for one month: € 814.31/2 through Easyterra
Sleep in Kauai Hawaii: € 634/2 for about a week
Oslo hotel for 1 night: about € 90/2
Hostel Los Angeles: in advance € 41.67/2

I’m very curious what you think of the new name choice and migration of the domain!